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Golden Trowel Award



The Golden Trowel is a Lodge’s formal recognition of a Brother for his devoted service to Masonic principles in general or to his Lodge. It is intended to recognize the Brother who, year after year, quietly, but actively demonstrates his devotion to the teachings of Masonry without thought of recognition or special honors.

Every Lodge has such members. They spread the living cement that builds our Fraternity into a true brotherhood. You will find them at labor in the kitchens, on the work committees, in public office, on community projects, in service clubs, heavily involved in their church activities and in schools – anywhere that a true and steady hand of assistance is needed.

It is those Master Craftsmen that the Golden Trowel Award is designated as the highest Award a Lodge can bestow an individual member. Only one Golden Trowel Award can be bestowed each year if there is a deserving Mason. The selection is made by the three most recent Past Masters. Neither they nor the serving Worshipful Master are eligible to be selected that year.

Past Honorees

1992 - Walter Klahn 2005 - T. Marshall Whichard
1993 - Mark Parker 2006 - Hugo MonDragon
1994 - Buddy Blair 2006 - Hugo MonDragon
1995 - T.V. Abercrombie 2007 - Julius Baumann
1996 - Robert Bird 2008 - Norm Nichols
1997 - Steve Schmitt 2009 - Moulton Edmonds
1998 - Bill Shebs 2010 - Randy Whitaker
1999 - Larry Elkins 2011 - Steven Hall, PM
2000 - Wayburn Hall 2012 - John T. Goddin, PM
2001 - Charles Whitwell 2013 - Carl Conley, PM
2002 - Duke Woodward  
2003 - Mike Banning  
2004 - Steve Frazier  

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